Google Penalty

Your Website Is Probably Being Penalised By Google!

John Pearce is someone I have known for a long time over the Internet. When he puts out new technology or alerts people to something —– I generally take his advice as he is someone who knows what is going on and I believe in bringing what I learn to others

John recently did a very interesting article about websites being penalised by Google.

If you  who deal with Adwords you understand the importance of having a good quality score in their eyes in order to achieve higher rankings for your ad and also pay a lot less. I recently came across a situation where one advertiser with a Google quality score of 2 was paying $8 for their ad yet an ad just above them with a Google quality score of 8 was paying $1.25

This also applies to natural search, it is estimated that 95% of websites are in penalty!

Check out these and more stats and how to overcome Google penalty by clicking on this: